Aircraft for special missions

Recently proclaimed as “the most sophisticated single engine airplane ever” by Flying Magazine, the Cirrus is known the world over for its capability, versatility and safety.


Law Enforcement Missions

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Aerial Mapping & Surveys

Disaster Management

Broadcast Television

Drug Interdiction

Boarder Security

Pipeline Patrol

DOT Transport

Wildlife Patrol

Fire Fighting

CIRRUS PERCEPTION, Aircraft for special missions

Sensor flexibility

To meet customer mission requirements, Cirrus has been working closely with sensor providers and integration partners to offer an array of sensor and user station and system integration options. These include the Cloud Cap Technology TASE 400/500 line of EO/IR sensors from UTC Aerospace and the FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE 380 HDC EO/IR system. Additionally, Cirrus has partnered with Integrated Surveillance and Defense Inc. and other sensor integrators to provide integration services for popular special missions options.

Compact capabilities

Sensor systems are becoming more capable and at the same time lighter, more compact and more affordable than ever before. Specialty customers no longer need a large, multi-million-dollar turbine-driven platform that can transfer heavy, obsolete technologies. With little payload on today’s sensors, Cirrus has recognized the potential of the SR22 and SR22T as ideal platforms for integrating modern sensor systems to create a special aircraft that is unrivaled in terms of cost, system integration, mission adaptability or flexibility.

One plane – multiple missions

The INSIGHT starts with the Cirrus SR22 aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000 Perspectives avionics suite. With the addition of Cirrus’ proprietary Sensor Mounting System (SMS), a Cirrus becomes an INSIGHT. The INSIGHT can incorporate an array of sensor types. The system is modular, removable, transferable, and reconfigurable. The Special missions aircraft is designed to provide solutions for multiple different missions. The Cirrus Special Missions aircraft will be FAA certified and the certification for the SMS will be included under the aircraft’s type certificate. If the system is within prescribed weight and frontal area specifications, it can bolt right on. No STC’s required as with other aircraft in the market.

High performance – low costs

Pound for pound the SR22 is the most capable, high performing, low cost Special Mission Platform in its class on the market today. The INSIGHT is a “Total Solution” and offers superior capability at a price point that Special Mission and Law Enforcement customers can afford.