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Our commitment to aviation goes far beyond innovation in aircraft design and includes a unique approach to attracting and training future generations of aviators.


Recruiting tomorrow’s top talent in aviation starts with investing in the world’s most advanced training aircraft. Whether you need a few aircraft for a specific training mission or a fleet to accommodate a greater need, Cirrus aircraft will meet your requirements and perform with the most innovative standards and safety available. Join the growing list of innovative flight training institutions from across the globe. Our talented team will incorporate your branding to make sure your new investment is noticed both on the runway and in the air for years to come.


The Cirrus Aircraft story is one of enthusiastic and relentless innovation. Twenty years ago, we re-imagined aviation with the SR Series. It was our mission to change the future of aviation by redefining performance and safety in the aircraft and designing a cockpit that better connected the plane and pilot.

Our commitment to aviation goes far beyond innovation in aircraft design and includes a unique approach to attracting and training future generations of aviators. The TRAC Series is our solution to provide a 21st century training platform for world-class training institutions. It combines the sophisticated systems and unrivaled performance of the SR Series and adapts it to the unique needs of a busy training environment.

But the capabilities of the TRAC Series are just the beginning. From initial training to ongoing support, choosing Cirrus Aircraft for your training fleet is the start of an enduring partnership with our dedicated team.

„Globally, the aviation industry is expanding rapidly and the demand for qualified pilots is high. The addition of Cirrus aircraft has elevated our program by offering the most advanced and safest training available in the world!“

Scott Wyatt

President, Southern Utah University

„Our decision to purchase an SR22 fleet for training underscores our commitment to equip the Academy, as well as the aviation industry, with the infrastructure needed to produce a highly-skilled pilot workforce.“

Adel Al Redha

Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Emirates Airlines


Cirrus Aircraft G6 představuje harmonii jednoduchosti a výkonu, při níž dochází ke snadnému propojení letadla a pilota. QWERTY klávesnice poskytuje dobře známé a intuitivní rozhraní, pohodlné tlačítko HOME okamžitě přepne na základní mapu a bezdrátové připojení umožňuje mimo jiné aktualizace dat přes mobilní zařízení.

Performance meets durability

The TRAC Series features an interior designed to tackle the unique needs of a high-paced training schedule, including a durable floor liner and easy to clean wear-resistant seats.

Room for observation

Some of the best training comes from observation. The rear seat offers a spacious viewing platform, perfect for a ride along with an extra student or flight instructor. Carry a full load of fuel with three adults without compromising space or performance.

Optimized workspace

From the spacious cockpit to the available air conditioning, the TRAC Series is designed with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. And with more space than any other 5-seat training aircraft in the world, it’s the optimal environment to work and learn.


The TRAC Series has been meticulously designed to minimize maintenance and support. From identifying the best suppliers to creating a comprehensive onboarding program for your operations team, we work to ensure better durability on the aircraft before you ever fly it.


2 400


SR20 s motorem Lycoming

Offering 215 HP, the four-cylinder Lycoming IO-390-C3B6 engine in the SR20 provides reliability and efficiency for up to 2,400 hours before overhaul, making it the practical choice for busy flight training institutions

SR22 s motorem Continental

Designed for enhanced speed and performance, the six-cylinder 310 HP Continental IO-550-N engine upgrades range and payload for longer missions.

SR22T s motorem Continental

The turbocharged six-cylinder 315 HP Continential TSIO-550-K increases the max altitude to 25,000 ft, ideal for high-altitude airport training environments.


Safety has been fundamental to innovation at Cirrus Aircraft since the beginning. Our approach to safety on the aircraft includes innovative systems that create a wide array of protective layers that transition from passive, to redundant to active. All of these layers are evidence of our deep rooted passion to create safer airplanes, safer pilots and safer skies – a passion we share with industry leading training institutions around the world.

Built on this industry-leading platform, the Cirrus TRAC Series is the ideal choice for world-class training institutions around the globe.

Cuffed wing

Every TRAC Series aircraft features a cuffed wing design developed by NASA. This unique wing provides a discontinuous leading edge to minimize the potential for spin entry after an inadvertent stall.

Electronic stability & protection (ESP)

The ESP system aids in correcting unusual flight attitudes and preventing stalls. It assists without distracting the pilot or degrading the flight experience, even when autopilot is disengaged.

Cirrus Airframe parachute system® (CAPS®)

No feature embodies our approach to safety more than CAPS. As just one part of the integrated safety engineering features included as standard equipment on every Cirrus aircraft, it’s there when you need it most.

Four point airbag seatbelt

Our approach to safety goes beyond systems in the aircraft, and includes providing the safest, most capable environment for the pilots and passengers. Among these added features are four-point airbag seatbelts for the pilot and co-pilot.


As the most technologically advanced flight training aircraft in the world, the TRAC Series is the ideal choice for training the next generation of professional pilots. Equipped with modern and relevant systems and avionics, the TRAC Series provides the optimal learning environment for students looking to advance into careers in commercial aviation.

Teaching advanced concepts at an early stage creates a core skill that students use throughout their learning development. And no flight deck in the world better supports early advanced learning than Cirrus Perspective+TM by Garmin®. From automation to energy management, the superior situational awareness provided in the simple, yet sophisticated cockpit allows students to become proficient in modern aircraft avionics, creating the confidence needed to complete their training and successfully transition into a career.

Digital displays

Colorful, bright 10-inch displays connect the pilot visually and aurally with the information needed to monitor every aspect of the aircraft in real time.

IRF capabilities

The multitude of tools and systems on the TRAC Series, along with smart redundancy features like dual alternators and dual batteries, make it a true IFR aircraft, ideal for training professional pilots.

QWERTY keyboard

Designed to parallel advanced aircraft FMS inputs, the QWERTY keyboard features easy to access keys and dedicated control knobs for added efficiency

Landing gear simulator

Exclusive to the TRAC Series, this simulator creates an added checkpoint and mimics the real-life approach procedures for the advanced aircraft students will ultimately fly.


At Cirrus Aircraft, we believe a pilot never stops learning. Through Cirrus ApproachTM, we have developed a robust catalogue of engaging multimedia learning courses designed for pilots of every skill level. It’s one added tool you and your students will have access to by adding Cirrus Aircraft to your training fleet, in addition to full transition training for your head flight instructors at our Vision Center Campus in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Developed with the digital generation in mind, the Interactive Flight Operations Manual is a multi-touch iBook that provides instant access to aircraft-specific flight procedures, standards and techniques. It’s a must-have resource for every stage of learning, and an added resource for instructors and students operating a fleet of Cirrus aircraft.


As the world’s best-selling single-engine aircraft for seventeen consecutive years, the SR Series has quickly become known as the most sophisticated piston aircraft ever. Now in its sixth generation, the SR Series G6 is an alliance of simplicity and performance, seamlessly connecting the aircraft and the pilot for improved workload mmanagement and extended training opportunities

Built on this industry-leading platform, the Cirrus TRAC Series is the ideal choice for world-class training institutions around the globe.


A fully digital, three-axis autopilot delivers precise lateral and vertical navigation guidance for a smooth ride. This jet-class feature includes the industry first Blue Level Button for added safety.

Spectra wing tip

Twice the brightness with automotive-style wingtip halo lighting that operates automatically within 300 feet of the surface and pulsing “wig-wag” functionality above 300 feet to maximize visibility to others.

Fuel injected engine

Each TRAC aircraft comes equipped with a standard fuel injected engine, allowing the student to concentrate on flying the aircraft and learning without being overwhelmed with engine management.

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