Training of professional pilots

Recently proclaimed as “the most sophisticated single engine airplane ever” by Flying Magazine, the Cirrus is known the world over for its capability, versatility and safety.

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Fleet solutions

Cirrus offers the safest, most effective and technologically advanced flight training aircraft in the industry. From the all-composite airframe with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) to Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® avionics, Cirrus provides the most modern and relevant aviation technologies for training professional pilots. In addition to our SR Series aircraft, our fleet offerings also include a broad range of products and services to support your fleet operations. Cirrus fleet solutions are tailored to your specific requirements with flight simulators, training curricula, parts and comprehensive aircraft services.

Smart safety

Safety has always been the core driver of our aircraft design. Built around the concept of a whole airframe parachute from day one, every Cirrus aircraft comes standard with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

Cirrus is unique in general aviation for offering a multi-layered approach to safety, incorporating passive features that are nearly transparent during the flight, active features that reduce pilot workload and design features that maximize safety. The Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® suite with Electronic Stability and Protection uses digital “smart” servos to ensure the pilot maintains the aircraft in a safe, flight stable condition, even when the autopilot is disengaged. The Blue Level Button offers the pilot the ability to engage the autopilot to roll wings level and pitch to a level attitude at the push of a single button

The NASA airfoil used on all Cirrus SR series aircraft was designed specifically to maintain stability during maneuvering flight, especially low-level ground reference maneuvers. This cuffed wing design meets stringent FAA Part 23 certification standards and minimizes the risk of a base-to-final stall/spin.


Cirrus Perspective+™ od Garmin® kokpit

Advanced technology

Automation management

Excellent fuel economy

Innovative safety features

Sophisticated training platform

Cirrus airframe parachute system™

Economical fleet maintenancee

Durable composite airframe

Ease of aircraft transition

Parts & Service support

Recruitment tool