Referral Program

Your recommendations, introductions and enthusiasm to share The Cirrus Life™ impacts our company every day by expanding our family of Cirrus aircraft owners. So, enjoy our Referral Program perks as a thank you for helping us grow the aviation community, together.

PositionFirst referralSecond & other referrals
Friends of Cirrus$ 4,000$ 6,000
CSIP Partners (Standard & Platinum)$ 8,000 | Cirrus Aircraft Gift***$ 12,000 | Cirrus Aircraft Gift***
ASC & CTC Partners$ 8,000 | 8K Cirrus Bucks**** Cirrus Aircraft Gift***$ 12,000 | 12K Cirrus Bucks**** Cirrus Aircraft Gift***
Platinum ASC, CTC & Pre-Owned Sales Partners$ 10,000 | 10K Cirrus Bucks**** Cirrus Aircraft Gift***$ 14,000 | 14K Cirrus Bucks**** Cirrus Aircraft Gift***

Cirrus Aircraft Referral Program applies only to retail consumer aircraft purchases and does not apply to fleet/institutional purchases. Cirrus Aircraft reserves the right to assign referral awards at their own discretion; Cirrus Aircraft reserves the right to change or cancel the Referral Program at any time. Referral fees are paid for Cirrus Aircraft SR Series aircraft orders and deliveries and for Vision Jet orders and deliveries within 18 months of referral submission.

*Offer may be combined with published discounts only. No other incentives apply. Contact Cirrus Aircraft for specific rules and processes.

**In a calendar year. Cirrus Aircrar reserves the right to modify this offer without notice.

***The Cirrus Aircraft Referral Gift is not limited to one per person. Each referral received from qualifying parties will be eligible for the Cirrus Aircraft Referral Gift, meaning multiple referrals from one referring party will receive multiple Cirrus Aircraft Referral Gifts.

****Every 2 Cirrus Bucks are equivalent to $1 towards the purchase of Cirrus Aircraft goods and services. Examples of these goods and services include but are not limited to Cirrus Direct Parts, Cirrus Maintenance training, Cirrus Store merchandise, Cirrus signage and Cirrus Learning Portal content. Every 1 Cirrus Buck is equivalent to $1 towards the purchase of a new Cirrus Aircraft SR20, SR22, SR22T or Vision Jet.

Get rewards for referrals.

Recommend us a new potential owner of a Cirrus aircraft. In case of a sale you will get attractive rewards.

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