Cirrus Aircraft expands to Slovakia: hangars for millions of euros will be built at Airport Piestany

8.12. 2022

Cirrus Training Center

In the autumn of 2023, Piešt'any Airport will expand with three brand new, top-quality and modern hangars with administrative space, offering many benefits in one. AIRPARK Piešt'any will not only provide future operators generous space and comfort of new buildings, but also with related services and the possibility of refuelling.   


The investment project of Aircraft Management, BTK Group and Cirrus Aircraft CZ was created with the intention of constructing facilities for general aviation, commercial air transport operators and the Cirrus Training Centre - a premium flight school located within comfortable reach distance for clients from Bratislava.

The multi-million euro investment will make a major contribution to the promising development of Airport Piestany. "This is the largest infrastructure investment in recent years. I believe it will be an obvious signal to other potential partners that we are serious about continuing the intensive development of the airport," said Bohumil Klečák, Director of Airport Piešt'any.

The air-conditioned and heated buildings will provide the comfort of new construction, carefully selected materials and equipment, reliable and durable hangar doors as well as additional representative meeting room and office space for crew and staff. Aviation operators will have option to use complex hangarage services, including aircraft preparation for flight, as well as JET A-1, Avgas 100LL and Natural 95 refuelling options.

Airport Piestany offers several other advantages to the project, especially its status as an international airport, sufficient and paved runway, frequency of flight operations, technical equipment and, last but not least, the possibility of using instrument approaches.

If you have any questions about the project and its possibilities or are interested in booking space, please email [email protected] or call +420 773 066 706.

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