Two awards of The Cirrus Aircraft Awards 2020 go straight to the Czech Republic

The American company Cirrus Aircraft has announced for the award to training and service partners from all around the world for their enthusiastic and determined efforts in world-class Cirrus training and service. Two awards arrived in the Czech Republic. For our company, it’s an indicator that effort and diligence are paying off.

Cirrus Aircraft CZ can thus be proud of these awards: 

  1. Quota Club Award, which reached us after the 5th in a row
  2. Dobroslav Chrobak Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot of the Year Export, which was acquired our CEO and thus once again proves that he’s a person in the right place 

The company has also received the following awards:

2014      Cirrus Quota Club Award
               Dobroslav Chrobák Cirrus Airraft ISC Salesperson of the year

2016      Cirrus Quota club Award

2017      Cirrus Quota Club Award
               Cirrus Czech Republic Cirrus Sales Agent of the year

2018      Cirrus Quota club Award