Last two aircraft for delivery in 2021 with the option of reduced depreciation and a new training aircraft in the Cirrus Training Centre fleet

The last two aircraft for delivery in 2021 can be purchased from Cirrus Aircraft as a profitable investment under the preferential tax depreciation scheme. Another great news is that the Cirrus Training Center fleet at Příbram Airport will be reinforced by the second aircraft of the TRAC series, Cirrus SR20 G6 Perspective+ reg. The safest and most advanced training is once again a little more affordable.

Tangible assets classified in the second depreciation group, which includes aircraft acquired by 31 December 2021, can currently be written off without interruption in 24 months instead of the usual 5 years. In addition, you can claim depreciation of up to 60 % of the investment in the first 12 months. The temporary application of extraordinary depreciation will also have a positive impact on finance leases, with the possibility to enter into a lease agreement with a term of only 12 or 24 months during the period. You can take advantage of this unique opportunity for the last two Cirrus aircraft only, the SR22 and the demo SR22T.

Pilots will be probably pleased to hear that our training fleet has been reinforced with a new TRAC SR20 Generation 6 reg. OK-PUL. This is joining the SR20 Generation 6 reg. OK-CPS, which has been successfully in use already since the beginning of 2021.

Both aircraft have the same equipment, including air conditioning, TCAS, Terrain Warning, satellite datalink, dual ADAHRS systems, large 12-inch displays, etc. Both aircraft are equipped with a 215 horsepower Lycoming IO-390 engine, which guarantees reliability and efficiency for up to 2,400 hours before overhaul, and has a durable all-composite airframe design with the distinctive Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®). This makes it one of the safest and most versatile training aircraft available today.

The TRAC series is further enhanced by a wide range of interactive, tailored flight training content delivered through Cirrus ApproachTM, including online courses, engaging videos and the widely acclaimed iFOM (Interactive Flight Operations Manual) for convenient learning anywhere in the world.

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