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First-class aircraft with advanced technology, unique design, high level of safety and above-standard customer service

Unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System CAPS
210 lives saved; 103 CAPS pulls; 0 fatal accidents when used within operational limits
Complete safety with Safe Return™ System
Cirrus Vision Jet is equipped with a safety system that allows you to land in an emergency at the touch of a button.

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We will teach you to fly

Vision Jet

Vision Jet is the realization of the vision of the invention of the jet aircraft in order to create a completely new category of aircraft - Personal Jet.


Performance, prestige, all available accessories and more opportunities for your work and life - all in one golden plane.


The iconic SR22 defines personal aviation with performance, comfort and safety, which is constantly improving every year.

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Cirrus „Worry – free“ ownership

It doesn’t end with the purchase of an aircraft!

Our flight instructors have a high standard of skills to make your training effective and safe. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasonal pilot who wants to fly Cirrus or you dream of flying a technically advanced aircraft. We are ATO CZ 038 (Aprooved Training Organization).

We provide hangars, handling, refueling, aircraft washing and cleaning, periodic avionic upgrades, documentation filing and routine maintenance. We will prepare the aircraft according to your requirements in the specified time.

If you don’t want to put your company‘s cash flowunder load or you are comfortable with monthly payments, take advantage of the financing or a form of finance lease, that we can help you to provide.

Don’t wait for your plane to be delivered. After signing the contract, you can use aircraft from our fleet. Our aircraft are also available for you if you need.

Don’t have a pilot’s license or not enough experience? Are you worried about flying abroad? We will provide you with a qualified and experienced safety pilot. Our pilots have been trained and standardized according to the Cirrus Aircraft.

Don’t you have sufficient utilization for your aircraft? We offer contracted aircraft utilization and use your airplane for our demonstration or training flights in our Cirrus Training Center.

We will arrange the purchase of brand new and inspected new aircraft for you. On request, we can arrange the sale of another type of aircraft. We will arrange the possible sale of your aircraft under advantageous conditions.

Take advantage of our many years of experience, thanks to which you will no longer have to worry about meeting the current legislative requirements for your aircraft, as well as possible service visits. We are a CAO CZ 001 (Combined Airworthiness Organization) airworthiness management organization.

We organize regular training for pilots, expand theoretical knowledge and pass on practical skills to increase flight safety. We provide certification training according to current regulations and ordinances.

What do our clients say about us?

Opinions and experiences with Cirrus Aircraft CZ from the most professional, from our clients

„I really appreciated the approach of Cirrus Aircraft lecturers and instructors, who have always adapted to my schedule. As far as our company owns the SR22T, it was clear that I will also train on this type. During the VFR flying, I already knew what a big advantage it is to train on a modern glass cockpit airplane since the beginning. Overall, I consider aviation to be very safe, thanks to high standardization and procedures. I was quite scared when I had the opportunity to compare the level of knowledge of pilots and students from other schools when studying for ICAO and IFR English Exams. Especially in communication and procedures in controlled areas! At that time I realized that Cirrus Aircraft really is the top level. And because “SAFETY FIRST” is always the most important to me, I continue to train for Instrument Rating in the same flight school. I highly recommend!”“

Jan Souček

„Although I am not twenty years old anymore, I had been silencing my desires for flying for quite a long time and tried to find the right way in the aircraft and aviation market, especially with regard to safety and the company’s serious approach. The choice of SR22T, whose proud owner I am today, was quite quick. Small, capable, powerful and above all – safe aircraft (not just the parachute, but a lot of other safety assistants). Since the beginning, I have admitted it is a plane for me, remarkably “shrinking” Europe and allowing to experience great feelings of flight. I have met three instructors during my training, each has been a little different, and I can responsibly say, every one of them has aviation passion, is professional, teach detailed training procedures and personal experience. Don’t expect them to forgive you something in training. Thanks to you and the wonderful airplane, a completely new space has opened up in my life. Thank you once again.“

Bronislav H.

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